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Ergonomics at Work - Sitting Or Standing Desks

by Fiona McDevitt, Chartered Physiotherapist & Cranio-Sacral Therapist
The Physio Company IFSC clinic.

Latest research demonstrates that a combination of sitting and standing at work greatly reduces the incidence of musculo-skeletal discomfort.  The bottom line is postural variation at work is much better for the body and creates fewer painful areas. Limitation or reduced time spent in sustained work postures is the way forward.

In Sweden 80% of office workers now use sit-stand desks, these can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button so each individual employee can vary the time spent in each sustained position during their working hours.

Systemic postural variation significantly reduces the musculo-skeletal discomfort experienced by so many and therefore increases the productivity of the workers and reduces musculo-skeletal discomfort. Less pain, more gain perhaps??

Fiona works from our IFSC clinic and is particularly interested in the areas of musculo-skeletal disorders, muscle imbalance, back neck pain and posture. For more information about Fiona visit Our Team – IFSC.

For more information on workplace assessments and office safety visit our Ergonomics section under Our Services.

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