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Dublin City Marathon Preparation Tips

The 33rd Dublin Marathon is a couple of days away (starts at 9am on October 29th) and at this stage most people will be toning down their training regimes in preparation for the event which sprawls over the Georgian streets of Dublin. Running a marathon is of course among the most gruelling physical and mental challenges and running a successful marathon is usually down to meticulous preparation and planning and also sheer hard work and training. At this point if the hard work has not been put in over the past few months there is unfortunately not much preparation that will help you, however if you have put in the work the next few days of preparation are crucial to get you ready. 

So in this post we are going to discuss some important pre-marathon tips which could make a big difference to your race.

Never Use Anything New!

Even if your shoes are worn down, or your running singlet/vest has holes all over it, now is not the time to break in new gear. This is especially important with your running shoes. Also in terms of your diet, do not try sports drinks, supplements, energy gels etc. , which you have not previously tried out.

Start Hydrating 5 Days before the Marathon

Hydration is a vital point of focus for any athlete and this is particularly important for  marathon runners.  Cut out soft drinks for a week before and just drink water-drink 8 glasses of water a day to maintain good hydration. Drink more if you are still training. This will make a big difference to your race.

Tone Down Your Training

It is a good idea to take a day or two off from running in the week leading leading up to the race to give your muscles time to relax and to ensure that you are as fresh as possible for the race day. At this point you have done all the hard work training so do not push yourself any further in the day or two building up to race and it is a good idea to take the day before off completely. If you are going to train in the week before, 20-30 minutes runs are the best option. This will also help reduce any risk of pre-race tightness and indeed injury.

Make Sure to Use Glide!

Many Runners will be able to train chafe-free and then suffer from rubbing on the race day which results in a very uncomfortable experience! Apply Vaseline or other balms in any area where chafing occurs; inner thighs, feet, under arms and anywhere else where clothes can can rub off bare skin. This will ensure this problem does not occur.

Mental Preparation

Break the race into sections and focus on each section as a sub-goal, this will help you to focus on smaller more realistic goals. These small milestones will help you to get through the race. Run your race at your own pace- ignore what everyone else is doing. Stay positive as well, re-assure yourself that you are capable of achieving your pre-race goals, you have done all the hard work up to now, so have confidence is your running ability and in your training.

Nutrition and Carbohydrates

Do not eat a bowl of pasta an hour before the race! For two days before eat carbohydrates- both simple and complex. Complex carbs take longer to break down so make sure to eat pastas and rices a day or two before the race. A lot of people try to “Carbo-load” the night before the race. This is not always a great idea (if it is done wrong) as people can suffer from upset stomachs the next morning. Instead of this a reasonable meal is advised, a smaller pasta dish is ideal. Avoid junk food before the race at all costs. If you feel like you need some energy during the race, try some sugary snacks or energy bars for a quick sugar boost to help you over the line. For a guide to “Carbo Loading” click here.

Remember to Relax

Feeling nervous and anxious before a race is completely natural. The night or tow before the race you might be tempted to get one last training session in feeling you may need more running time but avoid this. The less running you do in the days leading up to the race the better, rest and sleep are vital now as yo need to be fresh. Try to relax and mentally prepare.

What We Can do to Help: Marathon Participant Discounts

Of course we wish all of the participants an injury-free preparation and indeed injury-free race but should you need some assistance before or after the race, we will be able to help you out. You may need to loosen up before and after, so we have a couple of great offers for all participants should you need them, these offers can be found here

In the meantime, good luck from everyone at The Physio Company getting preparing  for and also competing in the race! The finish line is nearly in sight!!

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