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Do You Need Insoles?

In today’s post we talk about insoles otherwise known are orthotics. Often people are told by medical professionals to look into getting orthotics to help whatever lower limb and foot problems they may be having. They also may know  very  little about them. So let us tell you what they are and what the assessment process is here at The Physio Company, in our Dublin clinics which specialise in providing this service

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are temporary or customised insoles that help restore regular balance to your walking pattern, allowing you to get on with daily life pain free. If you are unsure whether you need orthotics or not, then let our Chartered Physiotherapists help you. We are experts in assessing and fitting individuals for temporary & custom made orthotics and will never prescribe orthotics unless they are absolutely necessary.

Our Approach to Orthotics

Our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists will assess your condition to determine the right course of treatment for you… 

No I don’t need Orthotics… after your initial assessment, if orthotics are not necessary we will provide appropriate treatment and prescribe exercises for your condition.

Maybe… first we will prescribe temporary orthotics and exercises and review in approximately 2 weeks. At this stage, custom orthotics may be prescribed as a more long term solution.ill provide appropriate treatment and prescribe exercises for your condition.

Yes I need Orthotics! If custom orthotics are needed, we will provide a full biomechanic Gait Scan and custom insoles will be prescribed.

The Orthotics We Provide

Orthotics can help a wide range of conditions such as Flat FeetArch PainPlantar FasciitisBunionsGait Dysfunction & AbnormalitiesHeel painRunner’s kneeShin Splints. We understand that everybody has different requirements, so we prescribe various types of shell strength and flex of the insoles to ensure that the orthotic is perfectly suited to you and your needs, whatever your condition. 

Our temporary versions are not just off the shelf standard insoles but have additional customisable parts to ensure that you get an insole just right for you. 

Our custom-made versions are normally prescribed after we have determined that the temporary orthotics work as we expect them to. Custom orthotics are specially designed from your gait analysis to correct any abnormalities in your walking pattern. 

Our product (TOG) have a lifetime warranty against breakage. Most patients find that they need to replace their orthotics after 4/5 years. Top covers can be replaced over this time without changing the orthotic itself. After your gait analysis, we’ll make sure you walk out with just the right support you need.

Our Specialist Clinics in Dublin

We have 4 clinics in Dublin which specialise in assessing and prescribing orthotics: 

Temple Bar 

While they are a very effective, scientifically approved method of treatment for lower limb problems, it is worth noting our Physiotherapists will never prescribe orthotics unless it is absolutely necessary. Our Physio’s will also provide a full rehabilitation programme or exercises if necessary in conjunction with your orthotics.

If you are wondering what the cost for this treatment is, you can find our fees. So if you think orthotics are what you might need, come in to see us today and we can help you out!

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