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Back Pain Myths Part 3

A quick recap of our post from June 17th…

Low Back Pain (LBP)  is a very common condition, affecting a large amount of the population. The best approaches to managing LBP often contrast with the beliefs of the general public. In addition, international research has shown that educating people about LBP can be very effective in reducing LBP and the related costs on society.

Follow our weekly back pain blog, as we support the ISCPs Move4Health ( campaign who are challenging some common myths about LBP. The aim of this campaign is to give the public a greater understanding of how to manage LBP.

Here is the continuation of our back pain blog….

Myth No. 5… I need a scan or X-ray for my back pain

In most cases of LBP, X-rays and scans are not needed. Every year very large sums of money are spent on unnecessary X-rays and scans for LBP. In addition, many of these scans involve exposure to radiation. Only a small number of these tests actually contribute to better management of the problem. In fact, even adults with no LBP will have evidence of normal ‘wear and tear’ on these scans. A simple clinical examination is usually enough to identify the minority of people for whom scans are required.

Myth No. 6… I Need and Operation to Cure My Back

Only a tiny proportion of people with Lower Back Pain require surgery. Long-term outcomes after surgery and Physiotherapy are generally positive. Surgery is a higher risk treatment and so is only used if there is no other option available to the individual. The vast majority of people with LBP can manage their problem by staying active and developing a better understanding of what this pain means, how not to aggravate it and what other factors are involved in their pain. This should help them continue their usual daily tasks, without having to resort to surgery.

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