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Finding Your Sole Mate: Tips for Choosing The Right Walking Shoe

Walking Shoes

Most of our foot and leg problems result from wearing the wrong kind of shoes so clearly finding the right sole is not an easy a job as we think it is. This is either because they do not fit or they put pressure on the foot, which in turn affects other muscles in the limb. Therefore, it is extremely important that you buy your walking shoes with care.

Watch Out For the Heels

Search for a pair of walking shoes that have a low and supportive heel that bevels in. A thick heel or a flared one will make your foot slap down rather than give a rolling effect. This decreases momentum in the forward direction and raises the possibilities of acquiring sore shins.

Can You Bend The Toe?

A pair of walking shoes makes the heels hit the floor first and then causes the foot to roll gradually from heel to toe. For this, a flexible sole is important along with a bend in the toe. Ensure that you are allowed to twist the toe region.

Lightweight and Breathable Design

Look for a pair of shoes that are light in weight and allow your feet to breathe. You do not want heavy and clunky leather shoes for your daily exercising.

Make Sure the Shoes Fit Well

This is one of the most vital things to consider when choosing any kind of shoe. Luckily there are many ways to test whether a shoe fits you perfectly. Firstly, there should be enough space in the toe box. There must be the width of a thumbnail (or half an inch) between the toes and the shoes' ends, which will help the toes to move freely. Secondly, the heels of the shoes must not let the feet slip. The shoe should not give you any pinching or binding feeling especially around the ball of your foot.

Buy Walking Shoes After You Have Walked

It is best to go shoe shopping at the end of the day or after your walk as that is the time when the feet are slightly swollen. This will help you estimate how much buffering space is needed inside the shoes for during your walk. Also, make sure you wear socks while trying out the shoes as socks can take up quite some volume and this needs to be taken into consideration. Remember to try on both shoes, as more often than not, your feet are not of the same size.

Take Your Time

Be sure to walk around the shop until you are certain that they are comfortable enough. Take a good look at them in the mirror and ultimately go for what fits you best.

Wear the Shoes in the House for Some Time First

Before you venture out for a long walk in the new shoes, get the shoes to mould to the shape of your feet first. You can do this by walking around the house in the shoes for a couple of days. This will help stretch the shoes out a bit. If you think you are not quite comfortable or your feet ache, it is worth exchanging them in favour of a more suitable pair.

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