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Choosing the Right Physio for You

If you believe you are in need of physiotherapy, it is important that you choose the right physiotherapist. As with most healthcare professionals, physiotherapists tend to specialise in one particular area. These include, but are not limited to, chronic issues, post-op recovery, sports injuries, paediatric care, physiotherapy for the elderly, and rehabilitation. The first step in finding the right physiotherapist for you is to identify where your pain is and what is the most likely cause of it e.g. sports injury, pregnancy.


Once you have identified the problem, you can begin searching for specialists in your area. Although your Doctor may refer you to a specialist, a Doctor’s referral is not required to visit one, so you can go straight to a physiotherapist if you like. After identifying the type of physiotherapy you believe you need, you should begin searching for local specialists. The Physio Company is Ireland’s largest Chartered Physiotherapy provider, with 28 clinics across Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford, Westmeath and Wexford. These can be viewed either by location or by speciality, helping you to find a local specialist with the right expertise.


Unfortunately, with all the good that has come from the internet, it has also made it easier for people to carry out important work without the proper licensing. You may find people online who will call round to your house for a number of sessions and comes at what seems to be a bargain, but beware. Physiotherapy is complex, and if done improperly, you could seriously exacerbate any existing problems. Just as you wouldn’t visit an unlicensed Doctor, you shouldn’t visit an unlicensed physiotherapist. The Physio Company only employs qualified, licensed and insured Chartered Physiotherapists.

Immediate Start

There can be any number of reasons that a person needs to visit a physiotherapist. Sometimes the issue springs up suddenly, and other times it gradually becomes noticeable. Either way, one thing is true and that’s that it is always better to take action as early as possible. Once you have identified a suitable physiotherapist, don’t wait and see if the problem will go away first because in most cases, it will just get worse and make the inevitable road to recovery longer and harder. The Physio Company recognises the importance of acting quickly, and so will give you an appointment either on the day you call, or the following business day.


There are many different services offered by physiotherapists. When you meet your therapist, they will talk with you, examine you, and work with you to decide which techniques would be best suited for you. But that shouldn’t stop you researching the different techniques available and talking about them with your physiotherapist. If there is something you think may help, or something you don’t want to try, speak up. Likewise, if an exercise seems too easy or too painful, tell them. Just remember that your physiotherapist is an expert, so don’t dismiss anything they say. Instead, try to create a dialogue to help you both work as a team. The more open the communication between patient and therapist, the faster the recovery.

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