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New Physio Clinic In Baggot Street

As of July 2011, Active Physiotherapy & Acupucture has become part of The Physio Company, Chartered Physiotherapy & Sports Injury clinics. The clinic is located on Lower Baggot Street in Dublin 2, and has provided Chartered Physiotherapy and Acupuncture treatment for the past 14 years.

“We are delighted that Active Physiotherapy have joined The Physio Company group to provide expert Physio care to all our patients” states Anne McGoldrick, Director of Medical Services at The Physio Company,  “As always our focus is on our patients and we will ensure to provide the highest degree of Physiotherapy care and attention. This is an excellent opportunity to provide additional services to both our existing and new patients.”

Active Physiotherapy was founded in 1997 by Siobhan Murphy and she is confident that the high standard of care which the clinic has become renown for will continue under The Physio Company. “I am certain that The Physio Company will continue to serve you with the same devotion and professional excellence which you have come to expect from us over the years”, assures Ms. Murphy “I am pleased to be leaving you in the safe hands of The Physio Company”.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists Stephen Swanton and Kevin Thornton will be joined by Caroline Knox who was a senior Physiotherapist with Active Physiotherapy. As a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist, Caroline will provide specific acupuncture treatments such as fertility, sinitis, bells palsy, IBS and stress, while both Caroline and Stephen will provide acupucture treatments complimentary to physio for injuries such as back pain and muscle sprains.

For further details on our Baggot Street clinic and for services provided here visit our clinic page

For information about our Chartered Physiotherapists working here visit Our Team page

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