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Physiotherapy Massage Services in Limerick

The Physio Company is delighted to announce the opening of our physiotherapy massage service in our Limerick Clinic in Dooradoyle.

Massage is a form of hands on therapy that involves pressing, kneading and the working out of tight, tense muscles, ligaments and tendons in the body to help relaxation and relieve pain.

physiotherapy massge services

Studies have shown massage to be helpful in a whole host of conditions such as:

There are many types of massage available in our Limerick clinic, all of which are provided by our expert Chartered Physiotherapists.

Deep Tissue Massage

Great for tight, sore muscles, this type of massage involves  slow, firm strokes that target the deepest layers of muscles and soft tissue. It’s great relieving  general aches and pains and particularly for those working long hours that suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain.

Swedish Massage

This is a more gentle form of massage that uses kneading, skin rolling and circular movements to ease out tight or painful muscle. This works well for muscles that are just too sore for deep tissue massage and can be very helpful in aiding relaxation and distressing.

Sports Massage

This is tailored for sports people. It targets the specific area that the sports person feels tight in and is a great way to loosen up before an sporting event or to fast track recovery between events. It is also a vital component in the recovery of many sports injuries.

Trigger Point Massage

Some of us can get very tight, very deep areas of tension. Trigger point massage focuses directly on these areas and treats them aggressively. This works very well for conditions such as headaches, shoulder pain and back pain.

So if you’re looking to de-stress, get rid of aches and pains, or relief from a specific injury, massage may be for you. Give us a call in our Limerick clinic or book an appointment with our patient services team and we’d be happy to talk through the best option for you.