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Great Limerick Run and Our New Running Clinic In Dooradoyle

Running Analysis Clinic in Limerick

The Physio Company, Ireland's largest Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury treatment providers are delighted to support all participants of this year’s Great Limerick Run on May 5th.

We have great experience and knowledge of running problems and on how best to treat them in order to keep you on the road. Our state of the art running analysis clinic in Dooradoyle, led by marathon runner and Chartered Physiotherapist, Rob Hanley, looks at everything you need for great performance and injury free running.

Scanning of the foot through a gait scan

Slow motion breakdown of running technique using video analysis

  • Allows you see exactly how well you run. We can then  guide you in making your running more efficient while addressing  potential injury sites before they become a problem
  • Also great for athletes returning from injury to see where you may have been going wrong in the past and how you can get back to injury free running

Complete foot analysis with our 3D Gaitscan imaging

  • This 3D scan tells us in depth what your feet do, if they roll in, or out and how they absorb shock. We can then direct you as to the type of running shoe that best meets your needs or indeed if a running orthotic (insole) would be beneficial.

Core Strength and Endurance Testing

  • Runners must have excellent cores to run well. Improving your core alone can help improve times and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Our core tests developed by renowned spine and performance expert Professor Stuart McGill, analyses your core and directs us to making a customised conditioning programme to meet your needs. 

Super Physiotherapy Discounts for Participants of the Great Limerick Run!

We are proud and excited to support the Great Limerick run, so we are offering a €25 discount on our Running Analysis Clinic, normally valued at €120 until 10th May 2013. Numbers for this clinic are limited so book your place today.

We also know how hard training can be on the body so we are delighted to offer all registered athletes a €10 discount on sports injury treatmentsdeep tissue massage, sports massage and dry needling up to 10th May 2013. These treatments can be a vital help to keep you going in these weeks before the run and help sort out all those aching muscles in the week after the race!

So if your calves and thighs are getting tight from all your hard work and you need to loosen out those muscles, if you’re running into problems in your training, or just want advice on how to improve your performance, we are here to help you out. We provide a vast range of services in our Limerick clinic which can help your training and preparation and indeed speed up the recovery process after the big race itself.

Clinic Location

Our Limerick Clinic is conveniently located on St. Nessan’s Road in Dooradoyle, alongside Supermacs and Papa Johns, across from the Regional Hospital.

If you would like to make an appointment in our Limerick clinic, please contact us on 061 530 030 or email us on book@thephysiocompany.com.

Rob and our team of physios look forward to working with you!  We wish you the best of luck with your training and preparation!

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